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Snow Season Is Coming, Are You Ready?

turfteq snow plough and broom

The kids are back to school, autumn is here, and winter is just around the corner. Are you ready if Mother Nature hits us with her best shot?

As a professional landscaper or facility manager, getting caught off-guard can cost you valuable time and money. Thatís why TURF TEQ has designed snow removal equipment to keep you a step ahead of natureís wrath when the ice and snow roll in.

The walk-behind Power Snow Broom and rugged Power Plough are used worldwide for critical snow removal applications like airports in Alaska, on the busy sidewalks of New York City, and throughout Europe. Landscapers and leading property management companies around the globe trust our equipment to take care of tough snow removal jobs.

What makes TURF TEQ machines better than other snow removal machinery? Read on to find out!

Walk Behind Power Snow Broom

The Power Snow Broom works hard on snow but easy on the surfaces being cleaned. With its pivoting, rotating brush and adjustable downward force, itís the ideal piece of equipment to remove snow from all types of hard or textured surfaces without causing damage. Whether youíre clearing a driveway, car park, pathway, or patio, the TURF TEQ Power Snow Broom is up to the job.

Walk Behind Power Snow Plough

A 46-inch-wide walk-behind plough, the TURF TEQ Power Plough shows heavy snow whoís boss. You can adjust the plough blade from the operatorís position, and you can set it into a locked position or in oscillating mode to allow it to follow the grade of the surface. It also features a replaceable edge and state-of-the-art compression spring tip release.

Double Trouble For Snow, Multi-Use Benefits For You

The TURF TEQ Power Snow Broom and Power Plough are built to help you keep car parks, pavements, drives and paths in working order whenever it snows. But their benefits go far beyond that. During warmer months, you can use the Power Snow Broom to sweep debris from hard surfaces, dethatch lawns, and clean up construction sites. And the Power Plough works beautifully for grading and leveling soil and gravel.

Better still, our multi-use equipment is compatible with all other TURF TEQ multi-use attachments. That means your Power Broom and Power Plough can become a Power Rake, Power Edger, or Brush Cutter by simply switching attachments

Learn more about how TURF TEQ snow removal equipment can put you in control this winter - and year round. Contact us today to get a quote!

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Walk Behind Power Snow Broom and Power Plough.
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