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Turf Teq Equipment Helps You Increase Efficiency Year Round

power edger, snow broom and path broom

Professional landscapers and facility managers know that keeping a property looking its best requires year-round attention. From mowing to leaf clean-up to snow removal, maintaining a high-quality landscape is a 12-month undertaking.

The TURF TEQ line of professional landscaping equipment covers all of the bases for year-round grounds care. Best of all, thanks to the unique Multi-Use technology, a single TURF TEQ machine plus a few key attachments will help you get year-round results without the expense of purchasing multiple single-use machines. It’s truly the best way to maximize ROI and profitability!

In case you’re not familiar, each of the machines is available both as a complete machine AND as an attachment that works with all of our other multi-use machines. Easily swap attachments to turn an Edger into a Broom, or a Rake into a Brush Cutter, or other combinations. This means less upfront cost, fewer expensive tractors to maintain, and year-round results from a single machine.

power edger, broom and rough cutter

Here is just one example of how a single multi-use TURF TEQ machine can provide year-round service.

Spring Edging – One of the first tasks of a new season is edging beds, installing new beds and cleaning up edges. Our Multi-Use Edger is up to the task with various blade profiles that will deliver fast, perfect results. Once edging season is over, change attachments to the Brush Cutter.

Summer Brush Control – When you’re in the heat of mowing season, fields and brush can get out of control. That’s where the brush cutter attachment comes in handy. This powerful mowing deck is perfect for dense brush where a traditional mower just won’t cut it. And its speedy performance will make quick work of even the toughest brush. Towards the end of summer, change attachments to the Power Rake.

Autumn Pre-Seeding – When summer begins to wind down, it’s a good time to think about pre-seeding, and the Power Rake is the perfect tool. Thanks to welded teeth and a design that won’t damage existing turf, a few passes with our rake prior to seeding will result in superior germination and thicker, healthier turf. Once you’ve seeded, change attachments to the Power Broom.

Autumn & Winter Sweeping – When leaves begin falling, staying ahead of debris becomes a challenge. The Power Broom, however, makes quick work of all types of debris – from leaves to sticks and stones and just about anything else. When the first snows begin to hit, our broom quickly and perfectly cleans snow from pathways, parking lots and other areas. When heavy accumulation is in the forecast, change attachments to our Power Plough.

Winter Snow Removal – The Power Plough is a great tool that can help with even deep, heavy snow. Thanks to a locking differential, this machine can easily clear wide areas of heavy accumulation. When used in conjunction with heavier snow plowing equipment, it can help make car parks, pathways, sports fields and just about any area snow-free and picturesque.

Year Round Results

This is just one example of how a single TURF TEQ machine, plus a few key attachments, can be used year-round to keep your property (or your clients’ properties) looking their best. If you’re interested in learning more and getting a quote on a TURF TEQ machine and attachments, please contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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