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Seasonal Advice - Autumn

Autumn Turf Maintenance is vital before the season changes. It is important to strengthen and prepare the lawn for winter. The TurfTeqTM range of attachments are designed for a variety of tasks undertaken by Turf Professionals across the industries:

Mowing - the rate at which the grass grows has slowed, meaning that the lawn will need mowing less frequently. It is also a good idea to raise the height of cut as winter approaches. The new Flail mower attachment has adjustable cut height from 3 " to 2 " (9.5mm to 7.00mm).

Overseeding - Prepare your lawn for overseeding with our Power Rake. The surface preparation Power Rake is used to repair and renovate turf without damage to healthy grass. It will quickly create a smooth, stone-free surface for re-seeding.

Top Dressing - Uneven lawns may require topdressing to even out any low areas. Its best to carry out topdressing when the lawn is dry and can help reduce thatch and aid drainage. The perfect tool for re-levelling surfaces that have become damaged and uneven during use is the Rake. Its 36" (915mm) wide drum, with tungsten carbide teeth, will easily loosen and level compacted areas It is easy to manoeuver in hard-to-reach areas, and makes an excellent stone rake.

Worm Casts - Worms improve the nutrient content of soil and are crucial to the soil structure. Once dry, worm casts can be swept away with the Power Sweeper.

Leaf and debris removal - As leaves start to fall from the trees use the Power Sweeper to surfaces free from leaves and debris. The 46" (1168mm) wide, polypropylene brush is equally at home on grass or hard surfaces.

De-Thatching - 'Thatch' can build-up on lawns. Regular raking will assist in keeping this at bay. To remove such build-up without damage to the healthy grass, use the Power Sweeper with its de-thatching kit for perfect results.

Scarifying - For the intensive removal of thatch and moss and to allow penetration of water and nutrient into the ground, use the Power Rake. The depth can be quickly adjusted within the range of 10 to 45mm and will easily loosen hard, compacted areas.

Drainage - The Power Trencher will dig shallow slits and trenches; perfect for spot drainage. Trench sizes range from " to 5" width and up to 7" depth, enabling you to quickly dig a French drain with no damage to the surrounding grass. Use the trencher also for installing path edging, low voltage cables, brick edgings or rabbit fencing and for whip planting.

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